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Developing real estate is like a jigsaw puzzle with innumerable pieces that can fit together in many different ways, but in only one “right” way. Peter Streit & Associates, Inc. assists owners and developers communicate and execute their ideas, expectations, and vision  within budgetary, design, and schedule parameters to facilitate and enhance a capital project’s development from design to occupancy. We can help you find just the right fit for all the pieces of your project - design, construction, financing, governmental oversight, consulting professionals, schedules, costs, to name a few, such that when the puzzle is complete, the pieces fit in just the “right” way to exceed your expectations.

With experience developing, building, and managing mixed-use developments comprising office, retail, hospitality, and multi-family components, Peter Streit  & Associates, Inc. can offer an array of services to compliment your existing development team or put a complete development team in place to help you achieve your goals. Whether a large scale, mixed-use commercial property, or a project smaller in scope, we offer services to efficiently and effectively leverage your assets from conception through certificate of occupancy.

Our 27  years’ experience in materials supply, construction and project management, and development activities  can help provide guidance and achieve results in all phases of the project.

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Today’s business climate and erratic capital markets have affected real estate development profoundly offering greater challenges and opportunities. Peter Streit & Associates, Inc. aids its clients in recognizing opportunity, managing risk, and profiting in times of  uncertainty.