Harold C. Baker Esq.  takes on police officers and corrections officers every day.  Since 2013, Harold C. Baker has obtained millions in settlements for victims of false arrest, wrongful conviction, false/malicious prosecution, police brutality and other civil rights violations against the City and State of New York.

"After I had spent 17 years in prison for a murder I did not commit, attorney Harold C. Baker was there to help me get back on my feet and help me rejoin the fabric of society.  Not only did Harold Baker help get me a new social security card, medical benefits, birth certificate, and driver's license, He helpd me bring claims against NYS and NYC for wrongful conviction.  Harold Baker went after the cops who framed me with a vengeance and secured $6,825,000.00 in settlements for me and my family as compensation for the frame up and wrongful conviction.  Harold Baker will be my friend for life."

-Roger L.


Harold C. Baker Esq. believes the best defense starts with an aggressive offense.  Having been trained as a Senior Prosecutor in the Brooklyn DA's Office to be "Ready for Trial," at all times, Harold C. Baker is always ready to confront the awesome powers of the prosecution as one of New York City's preeminent criminal defense trial attorneys.  Fearless, tenacious and determined are the words that best describe Harold C. Baker's philosophy of defense. Having Harold C. Baker Esq. in your corner will give you the best chance of  a favorable outcome in your criminal case.

"After committing a serious crime under the influence of alcohol, I was at the lowest point in my life and facing substantial jail time.  That all changed when I met attorney Harold C. Baker.  He offered me hope and was with me every step of the way.

Mr. Baker helped get me into a program and put me on the road to recovery. Mr. Baker knew the ins and outs of the judicial system.  Thanks to Mr. Baker’s caring and professionalism I was able to avoid any jail time. My family will always be grateful that he allowed me the opportunity to have my life back.  The one thing which most impressed me was the regard in which Mr. Baker was held.  He is well known and respected by everyone in the legal community. 

I have absolutely no doubt that choosing Mr. Baker to represent me over all the other lawyers I considered was a wise choice."             

- Mr. Eugene Pastore, Wall Street Commodities Trader


If you or your loved one or a friend has been injured due to the negligence or recklessness of an individual, a municipality or a commercial entity, they may be entitled to monetary damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, future care and treatment etc.  Harold C. Baker, Esq. has secured substantial settlements for many clients who were the victims of unfortunate and in some cases, avoidable accidents.  Harold C. Baker's tenacious approach to negotiating and preparing ensures that his clients will receive the best possible settlement, or will have the best chance to prevail at trial.

"I was seriously injured in a car accident with a broken pelvis and other injuries.  Mr. Baker negotiated a settlement that far exceeded my expectations- because he is a trial attorney, he was not afraid to negotiate aggressively and it paid off!  I highly recommend Mr. Baker for handling personal injury cases- he knew the facts of my case backwards and forwards, he knew the law and his hard negotiating style got a great result!" 

-Glenn J.

"I will personally scrutinize every shred of paperwork, and every piece of evidence involved in the case, to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in the case, and to seize any opportunity to challenge the accuracy and reliability of the evidence, find the inconsistencies, utilize investigative services to locate witnesses, and attempt to find evidence that clears your name." - Harold C. Baker

"The words professionalism, detailed, thorough, understanding and compassionate immediately come to mind when I think of Mr. Harold Baker.   When he worked on my son’s case he made us feel like we were his only clients.  He truly cares about his work and more importantly those that he serves.  I would highly recommend Mr. Baker without hesitation."

Mr. Charles Pravata

Assistant Athletic Director, United States Merchant Marine Academy

"In 2008, I was arrested by Brooklyn cops and charged in a gunpoint robbery as the result of being wrongly identified in a lineup by two of the robbery victims.  My life was turned upside down.  I was thrown in jail, humiliated and treated like a criminal.  No one believed me when I claimed I was innocent-until I met attorney Harold Baker.  He listened to my story and conducted a thorough investigation.  At the time of the robbery, I had been on a trip to see some relatives and Harold Baker secured evidence to prove my alibi. 

He went to the crime scene and spoke personally to the witnesses and victims and discovered that the police had gotten surveillance video from the location showing the real robbers.  Further investigation by Mr. Baker revealed that the cops had lost the video!!  The DA never mentioned this to my former lawyer or to Mr. Baker.  Furthermore, based on his personal conversations with the victims and witnesses, Harold Baker uncovered significant inconsistencies in their statements to the police.  

With all this information, and hard-nosed negotiating, Mr. Baker convinced the DA that they might have the wrong man.  Finally, Harold Baker convinced the DA to agree to consider the results of a lie detector test.  I wound up passing the test and Mr. Baker got the DA to drop all the charges.  If it wasn’t for Mr. Baker, I would probably have wound up being convicted of a crime I did not commit.  I owe my freedom and my life to Harold Baker who never gave up on me.  He is clearly one of the best if not The Best Criminal Defense Attorney in NYC!!!"

Rassan C.

"I was falsely accused of committing a horrible sex crime.  Because I had some prior arrests, the cops and the DA didn’t believe me when I said I was innocent.  They arrested me and the DA charged me with all kinds of horrible acts which I absolutely did not commit!   Mr. Baker was with me from the beginning and once he got started defending me, he never let up!  Mr. Baker fought the DA tooth and nail every step of the way.  He never backed down and never gave up on me! 

Working with one of his top investigators, Mr. Baker helped me develop a rock solid defense to the false accusations.  Mr. Baker’s investigation revealed that not only had the “victim” lied about what had happened, she had tried to get other people to lie to support her false story.  One of these people became my witness based on the work of Harold Baker.  After living in fear for over a year, not getting any sleep and wondering if I was going to jail for years, the day came when the DA dropped the charges!  I would strongly recommend Harold C. Baker esq to anyone charged with a crime.  He is an experienced criminal defense lawyer, always well prepared, and a pit bull in the court room who commands the respect of his adversaries."

Marco A.

Areas of Expertise

  • Homicide and all other violent crimes
  • Civil Rights violations
  • DWI
  • Fraud
  • Domestic Violence
  • Harassment
  • Drug Possession / Sale
  • Larceny
  • Sex Crimes
  • Vehicular Crimes
  • Weapons Charges
  • Gambling
  • Possession of Stolen Property
  • Criminal Mischief